YVision 4.0 Beta 3 Released!

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It’s been a long time since out last release. We have been busy replacing some of the engines to make sure YVision can execute on as many as possible platforms. This work paid off with better support for Silverlight 5 in this release and mobile devices support in the near future.

Check out the features in this latest release:

  • Support for Silverlight 5 final (RTW) – Now you can run your 3D interactive applications in the browser. Extensive work has been done to make sure you app compiles for .NET 4.0 and Silverlight 5 with minimal code changes. Check out a couple of demos at our cases page.
  • SLARToolKit on .NET 4.0 – Now you can take advantage of the popular augmented-reality engine on other platforms other than Silverlight. SLARToolKit is now included in the SDK, you don’t need a separate download. Be sure to check the SLARToolKit license to make sure it fits your needs.
  • Steering behaviors – These allow you to apply to your objects the behaviors defined by Craig Reynolds like seek, flee, pursue, evade, wander, arrival, obstacle avoidance, containment, wall following, path following and flow field following. These can be combined in the behavior trees to achieve complex behaviors like flocking, queuing and many more.
  • Settings and visualizers – You can now easily expose settings to the users so that they can customize/calibrate the application.
  • New project templates, item templates and code snippets – In our continuous effort to simplify your work, we added many more templates.  The samples are provided as templates so that you can mess around with them as much as possible. All the samples work on Silverlight and Windows.
  • Multiple bug fixes - The framework has shown to be very robust but not without its issues. If you find any new issue, please report it to us…
This release is only for Windows but we hope to have the Mac OS X release soon. We are working on optimizing the build process to have simultaneous and more frequent releases in the future.
Please go to our download page to get this version. We hope enjoy it as much as we did while developing it!…
The YVision Team

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